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In today’s scenario, where the world is trying to measure even the infinity of the outer space of universe, leap into the dew drops and mist of the Cosmos, dreaming to expand the dwellings of the future generation on the neighbouring planet by using the highly developed technology and skill, everyone has high ambitions and expectations from the school education.


In such pretext where shall we start our learning from? …. From the beginning!!!


Dear Parents, valuing time is a vital aspect for success. Be an example to your ward by doing your assignments on time. Obedience to the authority and respecting the seniors have equal place to develop positive attitude in one. Accepting the situations, being proactive rather than reactive will help one to exit from the grip of prejudice. Being social, working with team etc. Will teach one to be balanced even in failures. Participating in co-curricular activities, parallel to the scholastic area, will lead your child towards the holistic development where he/she will identify himself as intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, matured, confident and socially useful person.


Send your ward to school regularly, encourage them to be the part of all school activities, inculcate good qualities in them inherited by you, and strengthen them with your wisdom to be strong even in the hard times. Moreover, create learning interest in him/her by monitoring closely during their search for knowledge. Gitanjali Public School AIMS at the all-round development of our students and assures our support and guidance on your ward’s march towards success.


Best Wishes

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