Preparatory , LKG and UKG

A rich, activity oriented programme is designed to create an enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong process. Essential knowledge, skill and attitudes are provided to make a Firm foundation for an inquiry-based programme. The aim is to develop a deep interest in learning. our approach is learner oriented and the teacher is an observer and a guide. Core subjects are language (English and mother tongue) Arts, Arithmetic and Environmental Science comprise the learning system.

The programme is designed so children acquire Skill, tap own potential creativity and learn to make meaningful choices and undertake responsibilities. Dance and music, Art, Theatre and personality Development, leading and storytelling, Skill that will enable them to strive problems, work co-operatively and to achieve academic excellence ultimately one acquired.

Aims are:

  • To develop social etiquettes and sense of personal safety
  • To develop happy and positive learning altitude
  • To become Self Confident
  • To develop sense of respect and for using the resources efficiently
  • To develop Creativity and desire to express.
  • To trust, accept others and their property.
  • To respect Indian Culture and uphold values.


Class I – V

A rich Challenging and a stimulating programme is designed to Create an enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong process. The lower Primary level provides a rich more programme so that students develop deep interest in learning. In class V Students are prepared so their entry into the next level is smooth and Continuity is maintained

Language, mathematics, Environmental Studies, General knowledge, computer science, Physical Education, Dance, Music, along with Art & Craft are taught. Our programme is designed so that children get hand on activity based and child centred environment that takes ahead the Foundation built upon in the pre-primary stage .

Learning is a social activity and children are naturally curious.

Our programme Capitalizes all these natural depositions by providing activities that can absorb the learning enthusiasm of children and make them Committed and Confident.


Class VI – VIII

During these yearn Children become adolescent; Gitanjali Public school recognizes that the students undergo a rapid physical growth at varying rates. The educational Programme caters to all areas of development of adolescent children.

The learning programme at this level Combines subject discipline, Cross Cultural issues along with citizenship and personal development.

As per the NCERT guidelines this three gem Programme Continue for two more years into the secondary school up to Class X.

The Curriculum Programme includes English, 2nd Language (Bengali/Hindi) ,3rd Language (Hindi / Bengali), mathematics, General science, social science, Computer science ,General Knowledge ,Physical Education along with SUPW, Dance & Music, Hobby development in the form of clubs.


Class VI – VIII

The senior school Comprises of classes IX to Xll. Students are prepared for their entry into the world of higher education and future career prospects. There is Greater focus on academic development and preparation for examination that provide entrance to the new world. Social skills are enhanced further to give a smooth entry into the world of education. Personal growth, opportunities and sensitizations to Community development are emphasized especially in SUPW.

There are two external examination conducted by CBSE in class X and XII. Guideline and educational materials in fully prescribed by CBSE & NCERT and Gitanjali Public school follows the same. On entering class XI, students are helped to select Science / Commerce / Arts streams as per norms of the CBSE.

Senior school students are encouraged to cope with the rigorous of high level studies in their chosen subject areas and to involve themselves in activities which help them to develop their own creativity. sporting and action oriented skill and their sense of respect for the Community is also focussed upon.


  • To develop sound academic and organised skill.
  • To develop creativity and Physical ability
  • To bring a sense of respect towards development of Community and Country
  • To prepare all standard for university and the life.