1. Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the boarders, without the permission of the Principal. They are allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school times, parents/guardians are not supposed to visit their wards. They can meet the students only in the reception area.
  2. Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewelry, and any other articles, which are not approved by the school authorities. Students are not permitted to keep any money or cash with them. No student is allowed to make any direct cash purchase from anywhere. All purchases are to be done through the procedure prescribed by the hostel council.
  3. Boarders must remain, and study in their respective rooms/dorms or class rooms during study time as directed by the competent authority,
  4. The lights-off time will be notified by the Principal.
  5. Boarders may be allowed outings from the hostel for a specified period of time duration that is approved by the Principal. Students on outings, should be accompanied by the official deputed by the warden/Principal. Students must obey the accompanying official, and he/she should submit a report to the Principal regarding the conduct of the student during their outing time.
  6. Gate passes may be issued to all the students availing the outing time. The detailed procedure for it will be approved by the Principal, separately for summer and winter. Hostel warden or superintendent should get the rules approved by thePrincipal, and the same should be added to the hostel rule as annexure.
  7. Boarders are expected to behave well in public, and represent their school with pride.
  8. Boarders must return to the hostel at least five minutes earlier than the entry time.
  9. During study hours, all students must devote their time to academic preparation in the study room. The door to the rooms remains open. Silence is mandatory. Students must work independently, unless they are allowed for a group study session with in full knowledge of house brother/sister. Group study sessions will happen in common areas and not in individual rooms. Students assigned to study room must bring all study materials to the designated location. Students may not use this time to sleep or take showers. Throughout the study period, the house brother sister will keep check on the students. Students living in hostel, interested in studying beyond the light-off time should do so in the study room, under the supervision of a supervisor, who is deputed for this purpose. This can be done with the written permission of the Principal/warden/superintendent and an entry to this effect will be made in the Late Hour Study Register signed both, by the student and by the supervisor.
  10. On school days students are not allowed to remain in the hostel without a genuine reason, however, in special cases a student may remain in the hostel if he/she has the written consent of the competent authority. This privilege could be revoked any time.

Hostel Fees

Details Fees amount
Accomodation& Fooding 4500/-