Activities are the Core ,the basis by which education is to be imparted at our school. The learning of the child is not to be juduged by just how knowledgeable he/she at the end of the schooling but by has Competent, how reflective, and how Creative he/she is. Students are equally encouraged to be artists, musicians and sports person, as they are prepared to become doctor, engineers and bureaucrats as well.

Activity based teaching learning has been planned for each level. As far as possible, activities are also integrated with learning experience in the actual world.While planning the school Curriculum, emphasis has been given placed on activities for Pre primary ,lower Primary,upper Primary,for the secondary and the senior secondary. Prepared materials are available according to the guidelines of the CBSE and the NCERT.

SUPW is also geared to sensitize students to community building and to develop respect for labour. Students of Gitanjali Public school will definitely grow up to be honest and caring citizen of the nation.

Co-Curricular activities such as sports and games, dancing and singing, Reading Room, Art & Craft have been incorporated into the syllabus so young ones develop their expression and build up a positive self image. To give a healthy Competitive edge, various competitions such as Dance, Drawing & painting,Recitation, story telling, sports & other fields have been planned.

These competitions help students to identify their talents and hobbies and to become confident of their abilities.